Friday, June 10, 2011

ማቅ - ስመ ቅዱሳንን የያዘው ማህበር - Part 2 - Read PDF

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  1. MK in amharic better expresses the true nature of ahibere kidusan. This is because MK has clothed the church with mak'e.

  2. min aynet zemen lay deresn,yelelawn metfo sira sitagaltu bemewashet mehon alebet indie? dibdebawn man fesemew? are u sure that it is mk? I am not sure they had do that.I think it is not the right track (medebdeb)whoever do that.if we assume mk do that,mahiberu yemaymnbetn ina yemayadergewn hulu (yehzbin digaf lemagignet teblo)mezerzer lemin asfelege? lemsale mk tana gojjamn lematfat new yetefeterew blo yamnal alachihu,min malet new? lela degmo mk yegetan kibir kemaryam kibir gar yastekaklal alachihu,yihen bil inquan be21st century man yikebelewal bilachihu tasbalachihu?bebalefew tsufachihu degmo mk yegabchan sirat indefelege indemiakenewn tsafachihu,wushet! ine yemawkew gin betam weg atibaki kemehonachew yetenesa gabcha betekilil mehone alebet bilew yamnalu.bezih miknyat bizu gize campusoch lay alemegbabat yifeteral.yihen,indinamnachihu ina indinketatelachihu kefelegachihu zemenawi yehone masreja amtu inji ftsum yemaymesl alubalta atitsafu ibakachihu.

  3. የኔ ቀሳጭ የተዋህዶ እና ፈራ ተባ እያልክ የምታምነው የተሀድሶ
    ምንፍቅና ልዮነት እኮ የኢየሱስ አማላጅነት ዋነኛው ነው:: ይህን
    ማለፍ ሲያቅታችሁ ስለ ተክልዬ ትቀዳለህ:: አሁን ጫፍ (ፒካችሁ) ላይ
    ስለደረሳችሁ ልክ እንዳለፈው የመሸቀጫ ቤት ካደረጋችሁት የክርስቶስ ቤት
    ትወጡና እዛው አዳራሻችሁ ትፈነጫላችሁ ለጥቂት ጊዜ የነጭ አለቆቻችሁ
    ከፈቀዱላችሁ:: ብዙ የማይረባ ነገር ከመዘብዘብ ኢየሱስ ማነው? ያማልዳል?
    ይቺን ደፍረህ መልስ ስጥባት::
    እኛማ ስንጠራው ሰምተህ ካላወከው
    ጌታችን መድኃኒታችን ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ እንለዋለን::
    መቼም አንተ አላማህን ታውቀዋለህና ደፍረህ እንደ መፅሐፍ ተብየዎቻችሁ ያማልዳል ብለህ ለመፃፍ እንደምትሳቀቅ እገምታለሁ:: ግን በስሙ መከራ የተቀበሉ ፃድቃንን ለመዝለፍ ፍጥነትህ ያስገርማል:: እነሱን ከመዝለፍህ በፊት ማንንም ሳትፈራ እምነትህን ግለፀዉ:: ዝም ብሎ ማቅ ማቅ ማለት ተራ አሉባልታ ነው:: ማቅማ እናንተ የምትተክሉትን አሜኬላ የሚነቅል ታታሪ ገበሬ ነው::

  4. Anonymous @ 6:49pm,

    MK has created more problems than it may have solved. I don't know the author this article, but I know MK is more of a liability than an asset for Ethiopian Orthodox. How can they protect a faith that they don't know well? MK is a bunch of idiots who take advantage of the innocent members who are trying to help the church. I want to see the mk leadership separate from the ordinary members. I don't have issue with the ordinary members as most are unknowingly misguided by the leadership.

    MK itself is a heretic group that needs to be restrained by the faithfuls in the church. We have seen MK teaching wrongs, singing wrongs, bleeding people, chasing people, bribing its way, defaming fathers, attacking innocent folks etc... How should it allowed to exist with all these atrocities?

    I know you are going to label me as tehadso. VOA has been labled as such by MK for airing a critical comment by their audience; I am not worried about your charge since that is the only thing you guys know well. Trust me I am not pente-tehadso; I am a believer of the true orthodox faith as shared by all the global sister churches. However, I am convinced that MK is taking our church to hell unless it is restrained to act responsibly soon. MK has converted the church from a place of worship to a battle ground. Is that what you want the church to be?

  5. Thank you Nathan! MK members, we love you! But your mahber is a killer. If you trully love your church, please leave that killer mahber and join a sunday school in your local church and serve yourself and the church. When I think of MK (the mahber), I think of Taliban and Alkaeda.

  6. Nathan said...
    Anonymous @ 6:49pm,
    I beg to differ from your opinion. For me tehadiso is taking our church to hell unless it is restrained to act responsibly soon.By the way To create a battle ground don't you think there is another group around? tehadiso?

  7. Nathan. Lets say you are right on the darker side of MK (if it exists).

    Can you not tell us a single right doing of the association? or was it just simply harming the church for 20 years?